Roadside Assistance Coverage for Heavy Duty Trucks


Towing Assistance:

  • We cover the first two (2) hours of towing
  • If our dispatch center gives you the authorization number to get your own service, we will reimburse you a maximum of $200 per hour with a maximum aggregate of $400 per tow
  • If the customer has a trailer attached, truck and trailer will tow together
  • If it is a split state and tow provider wants to tow separately, advise driver that they must pay the cost for towing the trailer
  • If towing is over two (2) hours, advise driver that they will pay for the additional hours at our negotiated rate
  • Not included: Towing from a service station, garage or repair shop

Flat Tire Assistance

  • If a truck has a flat tire and a spare, we will cover the service, removal and installation of the tire. Not to exceed $175

Tire Replacement Assistance

  • If driver does not have a spare tire, we will cover the service and removal/installation of the tire ONLY.
  • Customer is responsible for the cost of the tire and any related fees. Not to exceed $175

Oil, Fluid & Water Delivery

  • We cover the delivery fees of bringing oil, fluid and water to drivers. Customer pays for cost of oil, fluids and water. Not to exceed $175

Extrication/Winching Assistance

  • Truck must be no more than fifty (50) feet from a paved road to be covered. We will pay for the first 1⁄2 hour (30 minutes) of winching. Not to exceed $175

Fuel Delivery Service

  • We will pay for delivery of fuel only. Not to exceed $175
  • Driver pays for the fuel
  • If regen is necessary, driver must pay for the cost of the service

Lock-out/Replacement Key

  • The maximum benefit amount we pay for this service is $100

Battery Assistance

  • A jump-start/pull start or battery delivery service is covered. Not to exceed $150
  • Driver pays for cost of the new battery if necessary as well as parts and labor

Light Mechanic Service

  • If a driver asks for a mechanic, they must know exactly what the issue is. If a mechanic is unable to fix the truck, the driver must pay for their own tow service. We only allow one (1) service call per incident
  • We cover one (1) hour of mechanical service and the driver must pay for any additional charges such as parts, labor, mileage. Not to exceed $200


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