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 Loss Control

             Motor carriers who care about their business, equipment and employees know that when they partner with TIP National loss control services that they can reduce their hazards and set in motion a program that will reduce cost of operation today and in the future. Time and time again it has been demonstrated that this partnership reduces the frequency and severity of loss, which produces lower cost of insurance, higher productivity and higher profits.

            Many times TIP National loss control or the designee will visit a motor carrier prospect before the insurance contract is written. In this way a better understanding of the motor carrier’s operation can be acquired so plans can be enlarged upon in which TIP National can develop an insurance and service plan which will produce beneficial results for the motor carrier. The goal is always to assist in developing a safer work environment which makes for better production and a long-term competitive advantage for the motor carrier, because zero tolerance works and associated benefits are reaped.

            TIP National does outsource some loss control work in certain areas of the country; and when that is done, Professional Safety Consulting, Inc. or National Transportation Consultants, Inc. is used. The safety professionals from both these firms have many years of motor carrier experience. Please click on their links to learn more about them.

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